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Flooring mat

Flooring mat
ZERONY Flooring mat Series is a sound absorbing and insulating sheet containing sound absorbing, vibration damping, and sound insulating properties simultaneously. Two components are laminated in a integrated form, where polypropylene-based sound absorbing material of excellent sound absorption efficiency is attached onto damping sheet of excellent sound insulating and vibration damping efficiencies.
Particularly, polypropylene fiber based material is used for sound absorbing material, and ZERONY Sheet TP Series is used for vibration damping and noise insulating material, and is a functional material with superior noise insulating efficiencies.

General Properties

• Vibration damping and sound insulating layer
  - High vibration damping efficiency and excellent sound damping efficiency against solid-borne and air-borne sound.
  - Good mechanical property
  - Excellent water proof and weather proof efficiencies

• Sound absorbing layer
  - Excellent sound absorption property
  - Safe and harmless to human body, and easy handling and installation
  - No toxic gas produced while burning
  - Easy recycling and incinerating, and environmental affinity

Delivery Form

Sheets in carton boxes.
General size : W500 * L1000, T12 (unit : mm)
Other sizes and die-cut shapes on request.


Flooring mat


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