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Front mat

Front mat
ZERONY COMBO TW (Front Mat) is a customized absorbing and insulating sheet containing sound absorbing, vibration damping, and sound insulating properties simultaneously. Two components are laminated in an integrated form, where polypropylene-based sound absorbing material of excellent sound absorption efficiency is attached onto damping sheet of excellent sound insulating and vibration damping efficiencies. Special facing or finishing on the sound-absorption layer is available.
Particularly, polypropylene fiber based material used for sound absorbing material is sound absorptive and thermal insulating material and is a new harmless material of environmental affinity, and ZERONY Sheet TP Series is used for vibration damping material, and is a functional material with superior noise insulating efficiencies.

General Properties

• Vibration damping and sound insulating layer
- High vibration damping efficiency and excellent sound damping efficiency against solid-borne and air-borne sound.
- Good mechanical property
- Excellent water proof and weather proof efficiencies

• Sound absorbing layer
- Excellent sound absorption property
- Safe and harmless to human body, and easy handling and installation
- No toxic gas produced while burning
- Easy recycling and incinerating, and environmental affinity

Delivery Form

Sheets in carton boxes.
General size : W500 * L1000, T12 (unit : mm)
Other sizes and die-cut shapes on request.


Front mat


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